Finding Cheap Flights To Bangkok

There are plenty of airlines flying to Bangkok, but how to be sure you’re getting the best deal? Flight comparison site Kayak (or Kayak UK if you’re in the UK) provides a good starting point for finding the cheapest flights to Bangkok. There’s also useful advice in this article – Cheap Flights: Where To Find Them Online.

Bangkok Apartments Guide

Just put together a new website called which is aimed at giving a quick guide to renting an apartment in Bangkok. It follows on from my previous article Finding Cheap Long Term Accommodation in Bangkok. … [Continue reading]

Recently on Travelhappy

Here's a round up of the various posts I've been writing on Travelhappy, broken down by country. Bangkok gets its own category as I am still living here at the moment. One article I want to highlight is Seven Reasons To Go Travelling Solowhich got … [Continue reading]

Thailand Backpacking: A Quick Guide

I've been writing a fair bit about backpacking in Thailand over on my travel blog Travelhappy during this year. I've just published a long article called Thailand Backpacking: A Quick Guide which gives a handy summary of most of the things I think … [Continue reading]

Thai Monks

Talking with Greg in the pub the other night. He's a couple years younger than me but has lived in Thailand for the last four years, has a Thai fiancee and also speaks the language pretty fluently. Hence his understanding of Thai culture is a lot … [Continue reading]

What would it be like to live in Burma?

The Bangkok Post has been carrying an ad for the last couple of days advertising for an native speaking English teacher to go and work in an international school in Myanmar. The position is for 5 months, possibly longer. No mention of which city the … [Continue reading]

Please Make Christmas Stop

It's January the 8th but it seems in my local branch of the Au Bon Pain cafe, it's Christmas forever. The decorations may finally have gone, hung at the perfect height to whack my cranium every time I went to place my order, but Christmas's rotting, … [Continue reading]

2005: A Year In Bangkok

My summary of last year. Late, as ever, posting this. It feels like a thousand years ago when we first moved to Bangkok. I think that's a good sign...Lindy and I lived in Bangkok in January 2005, moved to Hua Hin for a couple of months and then moved … [Continue reading]

Bangkok Guide Book Banned In Thailand

The guidebook Bangkok Inside Out has recently been banned by the Thai Ministry of Culture, citing it as portraying a negative image of Thailand's capital city. The book is a glossy photo-led overview of Bangkok in the 21st century, providing an … [Continue reading]

Thailand’s Tiger Temple

Over on Travelhappy I recently published an article about the Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi, a couple of hours drive from Bangkok. Tigers rescued from poachers live within the temple grounds, looked after by the monastery's monks - who also let … [Continue reading]